Personal data: Virtual Brain Cloud

Virtual Brain Cloud (826421) is a project related to the research topic “neurodegenerative diseases and early biomarkers”, carried out by the Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Laboratory with other important European Institutions.

It is the intention of the Laboratory to use within the framework of this project a part of the health data collected during the following two projects, carried out during the years 2009-2015:
– “Aproximación multidisciplinaria al diagnóstico precoz de la enfermedad de Alzheimer: conectividad neurofuncional, neuropsicología y perfiles genéticos” (PSI2009-14415-C03-01);
– “Entendiendo las quejas de memoria en el envejecimiento: una aproximación desde la genética, la neuropsicología y la conectividad anatomo-funcional” (PSI2012-38375-C03-01).

The data will be used in accordance with the personal data protection measures imposed by European and national regulations (GDPR and LOPDGDD):
– Pseudonymization and defacing: identification features are not included in the processed health data (neither the subject’s name, nor her facial features);
– Access to data by researchers requires electronic authentication of the same, and the data transfers are automatically mapped and saved in an electronic record.

In accordance with the seventeenth additional provision of Spanish Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, (protection of personal data and guarantee of digital rights), the use of pseudonymised personal data for health and, in particular, biomedical research purposes is considered lawful. The use of pseudonymised personal data for public health and biomedical research purposes will require:
– A technical and functional separation between the research team and those who carry out the pseudonymization and keep the information that makes re-identification possible;
– That the pseudonymised data are only accessible to the research team when:
i) There is an express commitment to confidentiality and not to carry out any re-identification activity.
ii) Specific security measures are adopted to prevent re-identification and access by unauthorized third parties.
The data may be re-identified at its source, when, as a result of an investigation that uses pseudonymised data, the existence of a real and concrete danger to the safety or health of a person or group of people, or a serious threat is appreciated for your rights or is necessary to guarantee adequate sanitary assistance.
The multitude of participants and the difficulty (sometimes impossibility) of contact on our part with the participants make the effort to communicate with everyone not a viable option. In any case, for more information about the study we remain at your disposal at the following email:
Participants can exercise their rights of access, rectification or cancellation by contacting the person responsible for the treatment, Fernando Maestú ( or the Data Protection Officer of the UCM (

The use of the data will end in November 2022, when the Virtual Brain Cloud project ends. Any new information in this regard will be communicated through this page.

Thanks again for your participation.
The Laboratory of Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience.