Lucía Vaquero, senior researcher at the C3N, performs scientific popularization activities around the line ‘Neuroscience & Music’

Postdoctoral researcher Lucía Vaquero was recently invited to write an article (in Spanish) on the news platform The Conversation focused on the neuroscientific keys behind our interest in attending music festivals, an increasingly popular type of event during the Summer. In this article, Dr. Vaquero discusses recent scientific evidence suggesting that live music could act as a facilitator of movement, dancing, synchronization and inter-personal relationships in events such as concerts or festivals. You can read the full piece (in Spanish, I am affraid) clicking here.

In addition, as a response to the said publication and in order to discuss in further detail the differences between experiencing live music in comparison to listening to a recording, Aragón Radio interviewed Dr. Vaquero live during their program Despierta Aragón on August 11th. You can listen to the interview (also in Spanish) in the official web site of the program.