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Science Awareness Week 2022

C3N’s senior researcher Lucía Vaquero participated in a round table and informal meetings with students from the I.E.S. Ramón y Cajal (Madrid) during Science Awareness Week 2022. First, she met with 12-year-old students with a great motivation for science, to try to answer their curiosity about the daily life of a scientist. Then, Dr. Vaquero […]

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Symposium “From Cajal’s Neuroscience to modern methodologies for diagnosis and treatment in neuropsychiarty”

For 2022’s Weekend of Science (Semana de la Ciencia 2022), the Fundación Humanismo y Ciencia, together with the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, are organizing the symposium “From Cajal’s Neuroscience to modern methodologies for diagnosis and treatment in neuropsychiarty” on November the 11th, 2022. The symposium will take place in the Salón the Actos of the […]

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La noche europea de los investigadores

Researchers from the C3N participate in European Researchers’ Night event

Researchers Sandra Doval (PhD candidate) and Lucía Vaquero (senior researchers) participated in an educational and popularization event to celebrate European Researchers’ Night, organized by the Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d. This event was planned as a competition and took place at the Fine Arts Circle, and its purpose was to inform high school students about […]

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Lucía Vaquero, senior researcher at the C3N, performs scientific popularization activities around the line ‘Neuroscience & Music’

Postdoctoral researcher Lucía Vaquero was recently invited to write an article (in Spanish) on the news platform The Conversation focused on the neuroscientific keys behind our interest in attending music festivals, an increasingly popular type of event during the Summer. In this article, Dr. Vaquero discusses recent scientific evidence suggesting that live music could act […]

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UCM and C3N funded by the Ministry of Science to acquire a new magnetoencephalography system

The Spanish Ministry of Science and innovation, in its call “Equipamiento Científico-Técnico 2021” (scientific and technical equipment), has valued postively both the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and C3N, and has granted them funds to acquire a new magnetoencephalography system, which will be installed in the first quarter of 2023. The project, presented the past July […]

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The LNCyC presents its application to the 2021 call for funding of scientific infrastructure

The LNCyC, Complutense University of Madrid, the research group in charge of the magnetoencephalography system installed in the CTB has presented a proposal for the renewal of this singular infrastructure to the 2021 “Ayudas para la Financiación de Infraestructuras Científicas y Técnicas Singulares” call. The obsolescence of the current equipment, together with the lack of […]

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International master class imparted by Fernando Maestú

Fernando Maestú will give a Master class promoted by MEGIN, whe he will talk about the role of MEG in the different stages of the dementia. This Master class will be valid for Master credits in UK. More information in:

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Two researchers of the LNCyC granted one Juan de la Cierva fellowship each

Ricardo Bruña has been granted a Juan de la Cierva – Incorporación postdoctoral fellowship in Engineering, and he will work in Universidad de la Laguna with prof. Ernesto Pereda (vicedean of research in ULL). His fellowship will deal with the development of novel analysis tools for EEG and MEG. On the other hand, Sandra Pusil […]

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