María del Carmen Martín-Buro

María del Carmen Martín-Buro

Research staff
Cognitive neuroscience of memory and language

Phone number: (+34) 91 3364642

Psychologist, PhD student with research background in neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience (MSc Neuroscience). My interest is to understand how we are able to do the extraordinary mental time travel that we do every time we evoke a memory trace. Part of this process is the result of the progressive stabilisation and strengthen of memory traces, namely consolidation. In particular, my research focuses on brain oscillations and functional connectivity during offline periods. I am interested in using these brain correlates to bridge the gap between encoding and retrieval and to unveil memory consolidation processes in humans.

Main publications


  • Garcés P, Martín-Buro MC, Maestú F. Quantifying the Test-Retest Reliability of Magnetoencephalography Resting-State Functional Connectivity. Brain Connect. 2016 07; 6(6):448-60. PubMed ID: 27212454. PDF file PDF file.
  • Martín-Buro MC, Garcés P, Maestú F. Test-retest reliability of resting-state magnetoencephalography power in sensor and source space. Hum Brain Mapp. 2016 Jan; 37(1):179-90. PubMed ID: 26467848. PDF file PDF file.


  • Escorial S, Martin-Buro C. The role of personality and intelligence in assortative mating. Span J Psychol. 2012 Jul; 15(2):680-7. PubMed ID: 22774442. PDF file PDF file.

Other publications

Harto, N., Martín-Buro, MC., Privado, J. (2016). ¿Influyen las emociones generadas en situaciones laborales en el desempeño de tareas que requieren recuperación de contenido semántico? Congreso Internacional de Psicología del Trabajo y de los Recursos Humanos 2016. 2 y 3 de junio, Madrid, España.

Martín-Buro, MC., Garcés, P., Maestú, F. (2015). Reliability of resting state power with MEG at the sensor and source space. 5th Biennial meeting of the International Society for the Advancement of Clinical MEG. 23-26 June, Helsinki, Finland. Poster ISACM 2015 2.0

Martín-Buro, C. y Escorial, S. (2010). El papel de la personalidad en el emparejamiento selectivo. XII Congreso de la SEIDI. 1 de octubre, Málaga, España.

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