PhD in Health Sciences (basic and applied neuroscience), master in Neuropsychological Assessment and Rehabilitation, and in Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience. I like to combine my clinical practise as a neuropsychologist conducting assessment and rehabilitation of patients with acquired brain injury, with applied research on this field and also more basic research of cognitive processes specially memory, language and executive functions.

Main publications


  • Villalobos D, Pacios J, Vázquez C. Cognitive Control, Cognitive Biases and Emotion Regulation in Depression: A New Proposal for an Integrative Interplay Model. Front Psychol. 2021; 12:628416. PubMed ID: 33995183. PDF file PDF file.
  • Villalobos D, Caperos JM, Bilbao Á, López-Muñoz F, Pacios J. Cognitive predictors of self-awareness in patients with acquired brain injury along neuropsychological rehabilitation. Neuropsychol Rehabil. 2021 Jul; 31(6):983-1001. PubMed ID: 32325009. PDF file PDF file.


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  • Bivona U, Ciurli P, Ferri G, Fontanelli T, Lucatello S, Donvito T, Villalobos D, Cellupica L, Mungiello F, Lo Sterzo P, Ferraro A, Giandotti E, Lombardi G, Azicnuda E, Caltagirone C, Formisano R, Costa A. The Self-Awareness Multilevel Assessment Scale, a New Tool for the Assessment of Self-Awareness After Severe Acquired Brain Injury: Preliminary Findings. Front Psychol. 2020; 11:1732. PubMed ID: 32793065. PDF file PDF file.
  • Villalobos D, Caperos JM, Bilbao Á, Bivona U, Formisano R, Pacios J. Self-Awareness Moderates the Association Between Executive Dysfunction and Functional Independence After Acquired Brain Injury. Arch Clin Neuropsychol. 2020 Aug; In press. PubMed ID: 32743646. PDF file PDF file.
  • Villalobos D, Bilbao A, López-Muñoz F, Pacios J. [Self-awareness as a key process for rehabilitation of patients with acquired brain injury: a systematic review]. Rev Neurol. 2020 Jan; 70(1):1-11. PubMed ID: 31845750. PDF file PDF file.


  • Villalobos D, Bilbao Á, Espejo A, García-Pacios J. Efficacy of an intervention programme for rehabilitation of awareness of deficit after acquired brain injury: A pilot study. Brain Inj. 2018; 32(2):158-166. PubMed ID: 29206059. PDF file PDF file.


  • García-Pacios J, Del Río D, Villalobos D, Ruiz-Vargas JM, Maestú F. Emotional interference-based forgetting in short-term memory. Cognitive inhibition of pleasant but not unpleasant biologically relevant distractors. Front Psychol. 2015; 6:582. PubMed ID: 25999894. PDF file PDF file.

Other publications

Villalobos D, Bilbao A, López-Muñoz F, Pacios J. Improving Self-awareness After Acquired Brain Injury Leads to Enhancements in Patients’ Daily Living Functionality. Brain Impairment, 2019; 20: 268-275

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